Running Kofax Log Collector

Running Kofax Log Collector

The zip file can also be downloaded directly from Kofax here.  

‚ÄčDownload and unzip the log collector (Right Click, Extract All...) 

Choose a location to unzip the log collector files.

Go to the extracted folder  ...\\KofaxLogCollector.\KofaxLogCollector 
Right click the Kofax Log Collector Application, and select Run As Administrator
This will require Local Administrative Privileges

Choose accept on the license agreement.
Select the logs you wish to collect.  
The export path is listed at the bottom of the window.  
The export path can be changed by going to File > Set Export Path.

When ready, click on File > Export.  
The application will begin collecting data.  
This may take a few minutes.

When complete, find the zip file containing the logs.  If the export path was not changed, the AppData folder within your user folder may be hidden. 
Send the zip file to InfoCap support team by attaching to your ticket or sending via email.

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