Using Process Monitor

Using PROCMON for Troubleshooting Kofax Capture

Process Monitor is an advanced monitoring tool for Windows that shows real-time file system, registry and process/thread activity.
PROCMON can help us determine exactly when an error is occurring and what the system was trying to accomplish when the error occurred; such as user permission problems, network latency, file access issues, registry access violations, etc.  
Instructions for using Process Monitor:
  1. Download and install Process Monitor.
  2. Once installed, run Process Monitor with Administrator rights (ProcMon.exe).
  3. Go to File ¦ and uncheck (disable) 'Capture Events'.
  4. Go to Edit ¦ Clear Display.
  5. Go to File ¦ and check (enable) 'Capture Events'.
  6. Reproduce the problem in Capture while Process Monitor is running. 
  7. Once the problem occurs, go to File ¦ and uncheck (disable) 'Capture Events'.
  8. Go to File ¦ Save ¦ Events displayed in current filter ¦ Native Process Monitor Format (PML) ¦ Save File.