Kofax Scanner Configurator - Usage and Link

Kofax Scanner Configurator - Usage and Link

Usage:   This Scanner Configurator searches the latest releases of our hardware boards, runtimes, and VRS. If you need information for previous versions, please select the Legacy Configurations option below.

Sales and Configuration Information: If you have any Sales related questions, please click here to review the available sales contact options for Kofax products.  

Technical Support Questions: Submit any technical questions to Kofax Technical Support via the Kofax Customer Portal. Use this link (http://www.kofax.com/support/account-management) to log into the portal. If you do not have a Kofax Customer Portal account you may request one from this page.

General VRS Questions: If you have general questions about VRS, please refer to the VRS Overview or VRS Features Web pages. Also, if you do not have the Kofax VRS product, you can purchase it online from the Kofax shop or download a trial copy from the Download Kofax VRS page.

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