Kofax Capture Lifecycle Policy & Extended Support Charges - Link

Kofax Capture Lifecycle Policy & Extended Support Charges - Link

The goal of the release strategy process is to ensure that all changes to the software products are released to our customers in an efficient and effective manner. Our intent is to partner with our customers and to stay current on all technologies so the best possible user experience can be achieved.

The Kofax release lifecycle, which is the timeframe between when the release version of a product becomes Generally Available (GA) and when Kofax stops providing support for that version, is typically four years. As detailed above, updates that incorporate a set of tested, integrated fixes along with new features and product enhancements are made available several times during the course of a release . The End of Support dates for these updates coincide with the End of Support date for the major and minor versions of the product. Localized versions of this product follow the same lifecycle as the product itself.

There are three stages of supported versions: general availability, limited support and end of support.

General Availability (GA): Three years from when a new major or minor version is widely available and supported in the market.

Limited Support Phase (LSP): One year in which Kofax will offer product support for this software version. During Limited Support Phase, there will not be any product updates, feature enhancements or documentation additions. Critical defects and OS updates will be addressed on a case-by-case basis and at the sole discretion of the product manager.

End of Support (EOS): Normal support escalation is no longer offered for versions of products that are EOS and the software will no longer be available for download. No updates or upgrades are made to the release. Please see the Legacy Version Support Program section for options for customers continuing to use these versions.

As of this article publish date, and in order to avoid 'Kofax Extended Support Charges' on your Annual Support Maintenance Agreements, Kofax has communicated to us that our customers should be on Kofax Capture V11.x minimally at this point.  Kofax will ask our customers to send a screenshot of their Help->About to demonstrate that they are on the latest supported versions.

This article will be updated  as new versions are released to keep our customers up-to-date with the latest information.

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