Kofax Capture Licensing - Activating Earlier (non-supported versions)

Kofax Capture Licensing - Activating Earlier (non-supported versions)

Kofax Capture has made an important fundamental change to their licensing/licensing codes with the release of Kofax Capture 11.x.

All existing Kofax Capture licenses purchased previously to Kofax Capture 11.x can be used with Kofax Capture installations (v6.x through current) and is future-proof with future releases, providing you are current under support.

Only those specific customers whom purchased Kofax Capture 11.x as net-new licensing will need to understand  that their purchase will not work with earlier versions of Kofax Capture (v6.x through v10.x) and will only work with Kofax Capture 11.x installations.  It is assumed from a Kofax perspective that when a customer purchases Kofax Capture 11.x net-new licensing, they would also be installing and using Kofax Capture 11.x as well.

There are specific reasons why Kofax changed ability to do this (because of feature functionality) however if you have a question with regards to your specific system, please feel free to contact us and our licensing experts can advise you accordingly.

Link to New Kofax Lifecycle Policy: