What are the Most Common Troubleshooting Questions?

What are the Most Common Troubleshooting Questions?

Common Questions 

To expedite your support request, please provide the following information when you submit a ticket:
  1. What product is this affecting?  (Capture, VRS, License Utility, KTA, etc.)
  2. Who does this affect?
    1. A single user
    2. Specific users
    3. All users
  3. Where is this occurring?
    1. All Workstations
    2. Only certain workstations
    3. A single workstation

Installation Details

Depending on the error or problem, we may need more details about your installation.

  1. What is the version of the product? (Open Batch Manager  ¦ Click Book Icon in Upper Right)

  1. What is your product serial number?  (Open Kofax License Utility  ¦ Serial Number is at the Bottom)
  2. Is this a client/server, standalone or remote installation?

  1. What type of database is configured in database utility?  (Start Menu ¦ Type DBUTIL) 
    1. Standard
    2. SQL Server
    3. Oracle
    4. IBM DB2
  2. Are you using KCNS or Thin Client?

Advanced Questions

  1. Can this issue be replicated? (Same user on another workstation or other users on the same workstation?)
  2. Have any windows updates been applied recently?
  3. Did any permissions change on the database or service accounts?
  4. Were any Kofax service packs or fix packs installed?
  5. Are there any errors in the log files or windows events?
  6. Do the HIPS or AntiVirus logs show any blocks, errors or access violations?

Registry Settings and Key Details 

Accessing Windows Registry may require Administrative or Elevated User Permissions 

Registry Settings for Version, Path and Server Location

For Kofax Capture servers, the registry can provide lots of information about the installation location, major version, server location, and more.  Provide the entries or screenshot for CurrentVersion, ExePath and ServerPath. 

For Windows 64-bit systems:
For Windows 32-bit systems:

Registry Settings - Path to ACCONFIG.XML

Please verify the value of  HKEY_Local_Machine\Software\Kofax\SALicClient Registry Key (with the SharedLicenseServerFileUnc entry)'s Value (path to ACConfig.xml) exist and does not point to an incorrect location.

This Registry Key is located in:
Windows 64-bit Systems  
Windows 32-bit Systems
The Value for this Key is:

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